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Impacts On Our Lives Change Us

A Friend Recently retired. I am very happy for her and as I reflected on our relationship I thought about the impact she had on me. I sought a hobby of sorts and instead had my world opened up. I … Continue reading

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The Killing Fields

I have told you about Rocky my Tuk Tuk driver and now friend in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. Rocky is an independent businessman with the same hopes and dreams of any entrepreneur. He is also extremely proud of his country and … Continue reading

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Stop the Slide

I did not think turning 70 mattered. I mean it matters that I beat the odds being a bush pilot, combat helicopter pilot, motorcycle rider and adventurer of sorts but I thought there would be no physical or psychological difference … Continue reading

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Tomorrow (Thursday) is an oops day. Oops days are days there is simply no way I can attend to the blogging and in a day like tomorrow not even check my email. Tomorrow I will drive from Garland, Texas (my … Continue reading

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Hello Dream Reader

I started blogging a few years ago and haven’t thought much about who it was for. Me I guess! So let me work this out a bit. We are all many faceted. I see myself as one with so many … Continue reading

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Hi Neighbors – Blogging 101

Today is a busy day so I will post but have only read a few blogs (and found 2 new ones to follow) but Wednesday is my busiest day so must be off early. I will say I had no … Continue reading

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