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reboot – now an expat

I have been on a hiatus, not a TV show as the word is generally used but a great blog HIATUS. I started this blog with 2 thoughts in mind. Just because one is advanced in years does not mean … Continue reading

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A Visit To The Doctor

My bodies reaction to the difference between the high desert climate of my home and the tropical climate of my current abode is to revisit my old friend, walking pneumonia. A bit of a rattle when breathing made me decide … Continue reading

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My family rented small studio apartments to college students at what is now Arizona State University (ASU) in Tempe. We lived a block from the campus. One of our tenants was a young man named Jerry who had a good … Continue reading

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Stop the Slide

I did not think turning 70 mattered. I mean it matters that I beat the odds being a bush pilot, combat helicopter pilot, motorcycle rider and adventurer of sorts but I thought there would be no physical or psychological difference … Continue reading

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Observations on Buffet Habits

I am not very social. I am the guy sitting behind the potted plant at most gatherings, but because my friends motivate me (kidnap, force, cajole, embarrass) I attend an average of two buffets a month. One is a more … Continue reading

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Pleased To Meet You

I am a Vietnam Veteran. I Flew Helicopters in in the central highlands in 1967 and 1968.¬†As such my life has been and still is greatly effected by my experiences based on that war. I am somewhat of a recluse … Continue reading

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First day of class “reintroduction”

Hi My name is John. I live in the Mountains of Central Arizona in a town called Dewey outside of Prescott. I am an Arizona native but have lived in 22 states and three countries. I love to travel and … Continue reading

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