I am a 67 year old Vietnam Veteran. I was a helicopter pilot in the 335th Assault Helicopter Company “COWBOYS” from August 12th 1967 to August 10th 1968. Major actions were Dak To, Hill 875 and TET. I worked more LRRPS than I can count and was blessed to work with SOG and FOB because of our proximity to LAOS. I also worked with 25th company Mike Force which was Cambodian.

I am a wanderer, my nick-name has been Gypsy (no offense to real Gypsies) and have bounced from job to job and place to place, all the while gathering great experience and great acquaintances, as well as some very good friends.

In this later phase of my live I have been fortunate to take a welded metal sculpture class from MS Cindy DeCecco, a phenomenal artist and even better instructor. I have made my best and closest friends in this class. It has also increased my sense of self worth and opened up an entire new world and window into myself.

This blog details a new venture into into health and transition.


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