What the hell is going on?

The world is in turmoil and the country I fought for is circling the drain. I no longer watch the news, not FOX, not CNN, not PBS, simply nothing.  In the rare occurrence I wish to watch some escapist television show I record it so I can fast forward through the mind altering lies and bluster from those who wish to convince me that what I can clearly see is not true, and what is blatant propaganda is the real truth.

I love sports, particularly professional football. I do not and will not watch it again. There are too many individuals that have propagandized it. When an individual has through hard work and a bit of luck been fortunate enough to parley that into a multi-million dollar income, then spits in the face of the country where that can happen and the management would rather coddle that individual instead of slapping him or her down, they do not need my money (or viewer points). I watch sports for my own relaxation and enjoyment. I watch for their expertise, not their opinion. Did you hear that Budweiser?  Coors? I will drink a Stella while watching motocross (sans commercials). As for the rest of the NFL’s sponsors I won’t watch another game to find out who you are but someone will eventually post it and I will stop using your products also.

I love NASCAR and have the greatest respect for the drivers who at speeds in excess of 200 miles an hour are true athletes and considerably braver than football twerps but NASCAR has decided its a good idea to make me pay for 200 cable channels I don’t watch in order to see my favorite driver skid down the asphalt at 200 plus upside down. I don’t know how many are like me but I bet it is a bunch.

I enjoy traveling, seeing things and meeting people, but if things keep on the way they are I won’t be able to do that. I am sick of the politics on both sides. I am an American, we have a constitution. It has served us well until we started messing with it and now everything is going to hell. I will vote for the one that did not leave an ambassador and my brothers in arms to die and lied about it. Simple.

If an individual does not know what bathroom to go into they have a problem, not me.  When a parent sues the school for not treating their 5 year old boy as a girl, then that is child abuse because we are all different and just because you wish you had a child of a different gender does not mean you get to change it for them. For Gods sake let them grow up and make their own choice. There are tough girls and gentle boys. That does not mean they need their gender changed. There a lot of women in the world that wish there were no men at all and the best solution is to confuse little boys into thinking that they should have been girls. A hen may be able to lay an egg without a rooster but that will only last through one generation, then no chicks mean the end of the line.

Newsflash politicians, there is no way you can borrow and spend us into prosperity. I know common sense and logic are bitter pills but if there is a heaven you won’t get there by ripping off the people that are suffering under your “rule”. Quit giving my money to people that won’t work for their own survival, and those that would rather come here and convert it to the hell-hole they came from rather than have the guts to fight for and change the country of their birth. Immigrants welcome, bums not so much.

I believe in a religion that preaches peace (there are many such as those led by Jesus, Buddha, Gandhi, and countless others) and am tired of being told that one is included that advocates “smite them on the neck” those that don’t convert. If you don’t understand, that means cut off their heads, and there is a lot of cutting off the heads of people going on right now. That one is not a “religion of peace”. Politicians telling me it is so does not convince me that what I have read and logic do not rule the day.

From what I have seen a large portion of the world is undergoing the same problems but I assume the leaders there as well as here are lining their pockets before it all falls apart. If you are a peon as I am then I suggest you get ready for some damned bumpy roads.


About asiadiver

Love to travel, love southeast Asia and the people and cultures (and food) SCUBA is a passion but more difficult as I get older so photography and writing have become most important. I have learned more talking with other travelers in local bars in Hong Kong or Bangkok or sharing a tuk tuk than I did in all my years in university. Not a man of the world but an average Joe just being observant, polite and listening.
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5 Responses to What the hell is going on?

  1. Ron says:

    I boycott so many things and people now it is no longer a big inconvience. I found I can substitute YouTube non-professional videos easily for Matt Damon (example) movies. Matter of fact I have never had cable. A favorite adage I heard is : “l would rather live a life of poverty, than be indebted to those who could enrich me.”

    Semper Fi

  2. asiadiver says:

    and the world keeps going around, but with less stress.

  3. frank says:

    frank 2 or 3 week ago we started a list we of teams to not record. after a few days . screw it just leave recorder off

  4. frank says:

    i left a reply but i dont see it

  5. donyamaries says:

    Could not have said it better. Good read. Spot on.

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