Cafe Cubana

Back to Makati and the restaurant next to the filling station and one of the more interesting restaurants I have ever seen.

Cafe Cubana

So first a necessary editorial comment. I was in grade school when Fidel and his gang took over Cuba and replaced it with the glorious communist paradise it is today. I was in high school during the missile crisis and our classes were routinely interrupted by B-52’s thundering overhead as they took off “to the south”.  I have not seen, nor can I think of,  anywhere that people are better off under communism than they would be under any system that allowed one to benefit proportionally from the fruits of their own labor.

That said, the cafe is liberally (pun noted) decorated with Cuban and other communist brick-a-bract. There are large blow-ups of TIME magazine covers of Fidel and his henchmen. There are unending items on the walls and hanging from the ceiling festooned with the red communist star. I sat at a table and looked up and looking down at me was a communist military pilots helmet with prominent red star. As a former US military pilot that just didn’t look right to me at all. The staff was dressed in khaki and olive drab ‘uniforms’, many of which included a cap or beret with the ever present red star. A few had on a jaunty fedora sans star.

All that said it is a wonderful restaurant. It has an open front that is full width and on the street so the patrons can watch the passers-by. Since it is literally ‘an open front’ the restaurant is open 24 hours a day. The service is fantastic and the menu is top notch. Mojitos (Cuba’s national drink and Hemingway’s favorite) are made by hand as Hemingway would have demanded. If in Makati you MUST visit and dine at this top notch establishment. Been there, done that, shudda bought the ‘T’ shirt.


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Love to travel, love southeast Asia and the people and cultures (and food) SCUBA is a passion but more difficult as I get older so photography and writing have become most important. I have learned more talking with other travelers in local bars in Hong Kong or Bangkok or sharing a tuk tuk than I did in all my years in university. Not a man of the world but an average Joe just being observant, polite and listening.
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