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Walking in Circles

I went for my usual walk today but took a different route. After about 30 minutes I passed the HCMC (Ho Chi Min City) stock exchange. After about 45 more minutes it started to rain lightly. An hour and a … Continue reading

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Packing for Travel

I have made similar trips many times. Two to three months in Southeast Asia. First time with 2 big suitcases, actually one big suitcase and an Army duffel bag full of SCUBA gear. Second time with one big and one … Continue reading

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For whom do you blog?  I was sitting in Shakey’s Pizza in Makati Philippines and a lady came in wearing a T-shirt with a sequined message covering the entire front. It said  “NOBODY GIVES A S*** ABOUT YOUR F****** BLOG”. … Continue reading

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I am a snap shot person. I was fine with a fixed lens Kodak Brownie, (except for the cost of film and processing). In Vietnam in the 60’s the PX put a Canon FT on sale because someone put the … Continue reading

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The Filling Station

The filling station fronts about ten feet. The sign painted on the  glass says “Breakfast Served All Day” I walked by many times wondering what that might be, since, as you look inside you see a four foot counter and … Continue reading

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