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This is out of order but since I started after the beginning it behooves me to update briefly what I am up to. I have been toying with the idea of making a trip to see more Buddhist temples, but concentrating on Cambodia, in particular Anchor Wat. Recently one of my nephews in the Philippines graduated from Law School and subsequently passed the Bar Exam. I accelerated my trip so I could attend the celebrations, so here I am.

June 15 I left for Southeast Asia, starting in the Philippines. Shortly I will comment on the activities surrounding this event because I (and the rest of the family) am extremely proud and it is a really big deal.

Time flies and I am now 71 years old and not the traveler I once was. One knee replaced, one bad hip, and a deteriorating back. Is this my last trip or just a learning exercise on traveling with a few ‘hindrances’.

Lesson one: My friend Joe told me I  should get a wheel chair at the airport. There is no way I would do that, however, as I got off the plane at my first of three stops I had my cane and as I stepped off the plane an airline employee told me to take a seat on a chair by the door and I said, I can walk, I will be fine. She said sternly, “sit down”. I did. A few minutes later a young lad with a wheelchair showed up and over 20 minutes of pushing me from the domestic terminal to the international terminal and through TSA, I will going forward always get a wheel chair. On my last trip, 2 years ago I had a pretty rough time in the very long TSA lines in Korea and the Philippines so pride aside, wheel me away!

More to follow.


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Love to travel, love southeast Asia and the people and cultures (and food) SCUBA is a passion but more difficult as I get older so photography and writing have become most important. I have learned more talking with other travelers in local bars in Hong Kong or Bangkok or sharing a tuk tuk than I did in all my years in university. Not a man of the world but an average Joe just being observant, polite and listening.
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