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POP, BANG, POW – What Happened?

Broke my own rules again but it seems my life is a bit scrambled at the moment. First, delaying my trip and leaving Thursday –  it would be a little rainy on the way was a real goof. Half way … Continue reading

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Tomorrow (Thursday) is an oops day. Oops days are days there is simply no way I can attend to the blogging and in a day like tomorrow not even check my email. Tomorrow I will drive from Garland, Texas (my … Continue reading

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Pleased To Meet You

I am a Vietnam Veteran. I Flew Helicopters in in the central highlands in 1967 and 1968. As such my life has been and still is greatly effected by my experiences based on that war. I am somewhat of a recluse … Continue reading

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Bump Bump Bump

Bumping along I broke my promise to myself already – well at least half of it. I said I would blog something at least on every Monday and I would faithfully participate in blogging 101 to become a better blogger. … Continue reading

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Hello Dream Reader

I started blogging a few years ago and haven’t thought much about who it was for. Me I guess! So let me work this out a bit. We are all many faceted. I see myself as one with so many … Continue reading

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Hi Neighbors – Blogging 101

Today is a busy day so I will post but have only read a few blogs (and found 2 new ones to follow) but Wednesday is my busiest day so must be off early. I will say I had no … Continue reading

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Is this really me?

Being “forced” to think in a different direction (no, there is no one behind me with a whip – I checked) I can be a little more creative and still accomplish my mission. My mission is partially just to express … Continue reading

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