step – stumble – step – stumble – ad infinitim

I think I have a lot to say but I seem to have a hell of a time getting it on paper. I will be 70 in about 6 weeks and I am still marking time – enough

I am attempting a new beginning – we shall see how it goes and if I have the guts I will deal with what is really going on and maybe one other person will benefit – if just one I will be thrilled.

For now all I will say is that nearly every night I wake up in the middle of the night and wonder why I care if I am alive. Sooo – maybe the real purpose of my blog and discussing the journey is not the great accomplishments but the actual mental journey that inspires or experiences the physical portion. what do you think?


About asiadiver

Love to travel, love southeast Asia and the people and cultures (and food) SCUBA is a passion but more difficult as I get older so photography and writing have become most important. I have learned more talking with other travelers in local bars in Hong Kong or Bangkok or sharing a tuk tuk than I did in all my years in university. Not a man of the world but an average Joe just being observant, polite and listening.
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  1. Your blog sounds very interesting, I am following it. Good luck with it all!

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